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Sir David Amess to be honoured alongside Dame Vera Lynn Statue

Dame Vera Lynn statue miniature - Paul Day

Plans to honour the late Sir David Amess MP have been announced, after he helped launch a campaign to raise funds for a memorial statue dedicated to Dame Vera Lynn.

The Dame Vera Lynn Memorial Statue launched in June this year and received significant support from Sir David alongside Dame Vera’s family.

“David was at the helm of the Dame Vera Lynn Memorial Statue,” explains Virginia Lewis-Jones, Dame Vera’s daughter. “He held a deep love and respect for her as well as the values she stood for. He’s much missed, and our determination to see this project through has redoubled in his absence. We want to do him proud now, as well as my mother.”

To honour Sir David, the Memorial Committee has decided to pay tribute to him with a significant and meaningful addition to the project, to be agreed over the coming months.

In order to make the project a reality, the appeal still requires additional donations and is calling on the Christmas spirit of people near and far to raise £1.5m.

“Our ambition for the Dame Vera Lynn Memorial is to make a permanent tribute to her on the White Cliffs at Dover,” Virginia continues. “It’s an iconic location and was extremely dear to my mother’s heart. It fits so perfectly with the symbolism of her life, her music, and the age in which her career flourished.”

Designed by internationally renowned sculptor, Paul Day, the memorial will celebrate Dame Vera’s achievements, both musically and charitably, as the embodiment of that good and true spirit that helped guide our Nation through those “Darkest Hours” and well beyond into this current era.

Rather than just a simple statue, it will put Dame Vera at the heart of places and people whose lives she touched, in a full and vibrant scene of characters joining with her in that eternal refrain of “We’ll Meet Again”.

“This won’t be yet another figure on a plinth but a tableau full of life and detail,” says Paul Day. “It will be an engaging work of art; beautiful and impressive, but also intimate, reflective and educational. Dame Vera’s life was characterised by joy and good humour in the face of life’s struggles. That is the spirit in which we aim to deliver a most memorable and accessible piece of public art.”

Donations to the Dame Vera Lynn Memorial Statue can be made here. Also, be sure to follow our social media. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dame Vera Lynn Memorial Statue